Work package 4: Process integration and pre-pilot validation

In Work Package 4 (months: 12-27), integration of the MDC unit with RO system take place, and the integrated MIDES system will be tested and validated in actual conditions for further design and implementation in pilot plants.


• Test ceramic membrane technology for seawater pre-treatment.
• Establish overall process integration, validation and optimization.


Task 4.1. Ceramic membranes will be tested in different conditions of flow rate, pressure and seawater sources.

Task 4.2. Achieve the desalination of seawater with overall energy cost below 0.5 kWh m-3.

Task 4.3. Validate MIDES technology by assessing the versatility of the MDC under real conditions for simultaneous low-energy drinking water production and effluents depuration.


D4.1 : Report on ceramic membrane performance for seawater pretreatment for MDC.
D4.2 : Report on MIDES process integration and validation and under real operative conditions