Work package 9: Coordination & Management

The MIDES Project will be coordinated by AQUALIA with assistance from LEITAT as well as the Management and Scientific Committees. The coordinator will be responsible for the overall running of the project. All activities will be closely monitored and, if necessary, corrective measures will be taken to ensure the complete success of the project.


To secure the allocation and coordination of all human and financial resources in order to reach the project objectives.


Task 9.1-5. Ensure effective implementation of: strategic and technical coordination; administrative and financial management; project communication flow; and scientific management. Establish quality assurance and practical management of the project.


D9.1. Elaboration of a project manual to guide partners during the execution of the technical and administrative work.
D9.2 – 5. Reports on the progress of the technical work covering years 1-4 of the project implementation.