Work package 7: Pilot plant operation and long-term validation

Work Package 7 (months: 34-48)  will focus on validating MIDES technology with different water sources (brackish water, seawater) for diverse water uses such as drinking water, irrigation and industrial use. The versatility of the MIDES technology will be assessed, with monitoring to guarantee long-term stability of the process.


• Validate the MIDES technology with water from different origins.
• Assess the long-term performance of electrodes and membranes.

• Implement automation/control systems in demo sites and validate reliability.

• Assess the environmental, social and nanosafety impact.
• Benchmark MIDES technology with existing desalination technologies.


Task 7.1. The first MIDES pilot plant will be installed, operated and tested for the simultaneous desalination and depuration of respective salt water and wastewater.

Task 7.2. The first pilot plant will be operated to treat brackish water for human consumption and irrigation.

Task 7.3. The second MIDES pilot plant site will be operated to produce drinking water for human consumption.

Task 7.4. The third MIDES pilot plant site will be operated to produce water for industrial use.

Task 7.5. Assess the nano-related risks during the use of the different technology developed in MIDES.

Task 7.6. The scope and formal requirements of an EIA study for a MIDES Technology will be investigated.

Task 7.7. The socio-economic analysis will be conducted. All aspects of MIDES technology be taken into consideration.


D7.1. Report on the analysis of the risk assessment of nano-enabled components developed in MIDES project.
D7.2. Analysis of the environmental and social Impact of the MIDES process.
D7.3. Validation of the MIDES system at three demonstration sites.