Work package 5: Process Simulation & Analysis, Automation and Control

Work Package 5 (months: 7-31) will pursue the process modelling and simulation of the overall MIDES integrated process.  A validated control system will be deployed to monitor the pilot plants and adjust operations in order to measure the energy performance of the MIDES system and its efficiency compared to other desalination processes.

  • Compile performance data for desalination processes as a baseline for the assessment of the MIDES process.
  •  Define a model of the MIDES integrated process to optimize performance.
  •  Deploy the model for development of the control & monitoring system to be used in the pilot plants.

Task 5.1. Establish a comparison study of the performance of conventional desalination and wastewater treatment technologies.

Task 5.2. Develop a process simulation model to provide insights at all stages of the project.

Task 5.3-4. The process model and web-based platform to assess the impact of various design parameters on the overall performance of the process.

Task 5.5-6. Design a model for the MDC system to assess the influence of each parameter on the global performance. Interface with the field equipment.

Task 5.7-8. Development and implementation of control system at pre-pilot scale.


D5.1 : Report on energy performance for various desalination technologies
D5.2 : Simulation/efficiency/optimization analysis
D5.3 : Development of IPSEpro models on process
D5.4 : Report on  MIDES automation and performance