Work package 3: MDC performance evaluation

In Work Package 3 (months: 1-22), a first lab MDC unit will be operated under a controlled environment in order to evaluate the performance of the system under different experimental conditions.


  • Scale-up parameters specification based on a lab scale MDC.
    • Determine culture conditions for optimal electroactive microbial activity in saline environment.
    • Select novel microbial consortiums adapted for electroactivity in anodes and cathodes under saline conditions.
    • Evaluate the influence of saline conditions in the microbial electron transfer during long-term operation.
    • Design and construction of a pre-pilot unit of MDC.


Task 3.1. Provide a bioelectrochemical device for modeling different MDCs configurations and generating conclusions and guidelines for up-scaling processes.

Task 3.2. Selection of microbial consortiums with maximum electroactivity under saline conditions in both anodic and cathodic chambers.

Task 3.3. Study of pre-digestion of WW: MDC inlet stream treatment.

Task 3.4. A pre-pilot MDC unit will be designed and constructed. This will be the unit used for the future integration activity and will provide information for constructing the final MDC units to be used in pilot plants.

Task 3.5. The pre-pilot MDC will be further used to test the materials developed in WP1 and WP2.


D3.1 : Definition of the MDC mathematical model for the lab scale set-up operation.
D3.2 : Presentation of the work on the design, construction and validation of the MDC pre-pilot unit.