Work package 2: IE membranes

In Work Package 2 (months 1-18), IE membranes will be developed and tested especially for fabrication to meet the MDC process requirements.


  • Development of nano-structured IE membranes specifically designed to suite the MDC process needs.
  •  Full membrane characterization and assessment of performance under operative conditions, and evaluation of cleaning strategies.


Task 2.1. Definition of specifications for IE membranes to be used in MDC systems, with definition of the required physical and chemical characteristics.

Task 2.2. Fabrication of cost-effective IE membranes with advanced properties in a batch process for MDC operation.

Task 2.3. This task will be devoted to the full characterisation of IE membranes.

Task 2.4. The enhanced IE membranes will be tested and evaluated at lab-scale under operative conditions.

Task 2.5. The Consortium will develop a suitable and efficient IE membrane cleaning procedure during MDC operation.

Task 2.6. Fabrication of IE membranes with an industrially-scalable continuous process.


D2.1 : Definition and report on the specifications for IE membrane development.
D2.2 : Study on the synthesis, characterization, performance and scale-up of nanostructured IE membranes.