Work package 1: Nanostructured electrodes

In Work Package 1 (months: 1-18), nanostructured electrodes will be developed using different strategies and fully characterized. Parameters like surface area, porosity, chemical and mechanical stability, electrical conductivity, microorganism affinity and electrochemical performance, will be evaluated.


• Define specifications required for nanostructured electrodes.
• Produce nanostructured anodes and cathodes with high surface area and improved electrochemical performance for the MDC process.
• Full electrode characterization and assessment of performance under operative conditions.


Task 1.1. Definition of requirements for cathode and anode.

Task 1.2-3. Production of nanostructured cathodes and anodes that can be easily fabricated at large scale and compatible with industrial processes and environmentally friendly.

Task 1.4-5. Characterization and testing of nanostructured electrodes.


D1.1 : Definition of the cathode and anode specifications.
D1.2 : Study and report on the synthesis, characterization and performance of the new electrodes in the MDC.