Universitéde Gabès

The University of Gabes is represented by the research unit: Environment, Catalysis and Process Analysis based in the National School of Engineers of Gabes, founded in October 1975. The research unit was created in 1989 working on related themes with the MIDES project:: Modeling, simulation, process control, wastes valorization, wastewater treatment, treatment of liquid and gaseous effluents, brackish and sea water solar-membrane desalination and hydrophobic membranes manufacturing.

The role of the university research unit in the MIDES project is to conduct experiments on a pilot plant and determine the optimum operating conditions of the unit.

Key persons in the project:

Mr. Bechir CHAOUACHI Professor in chemical engineering and director of the Research unit

Mr. Slimane GABSI Professor in chemical engineering

Mr. Adel ZRELLI Assistant professor Mr. Nader FRIKHA Assistant professor