SimTechSimulation Technology

SimTech Simulation Technology (SimTech GmbH) is an SME located in Austria (Graz), founded in 1991 with the goal to develop and market a state of the art heat balance software for the power industry. As a spin-off from the Institute for Thermal Turbo-machinery and Machine Dynamics of Graz University of Technology, since the beginning SimTech’s work was based on several years of experience in research and development in the areas of modeling and analysis of power processes.

SimTech’s main software product is the heat balance and process simulation package IPSEpro. With IPSEpro, SimTech has created one of the most comprehensive and versatile process modeling systems available today.

SimTech counts with a qualified team of professionals, who are able to provide a wide range of services, including the implementation of customized engineering solutions on the basis of IPSEpro, as well as consultancy, comprehensive studies, and research in the field of process analysis. Through these services, clients benefit directly from SIMTECH’s core competence: a combination of sound knowledge in process engineering, computing and mathematics. SimTech’s clients include: Plant and Component Manufacturers; Plant Operators; Service Contractors; Consulting Companies; Research Institutions and Universities.

IPSEpro is a highly flexible software solution that is efficiently applied to analyze and optimize processes in energy engineering, chemical engineering and many related areas. IPSEpro, with its various modules, supports users throughout the entire lifecycle of a process plant, from conceptual design to on-line plant performance monitoring and optimization. Due its unique level of flexibility and its open architecture, IPSEpro is the ideal platform for implementing custom modelling solutions. Ready-to-use solutions are available in IPSEpro for a wide range of applications, like: Thermal Power; Geothermal Energy; Concentrating Solar Power; Refrigeration; Flue Gas Cleaning; Biomass Gasification; and Desalination.

In MIDES, SIMTECH’s technical focus will be on MIDES process model and simulation, transferring results to the control & monitoring model & system to be developed in the tasks of WP5, as well to the pilot-plant operation to be demonstrated in WP6-WP7 of the project. In the project, SimTech serves as a technology provider and contributes to the modeling and simulation of the overall MIDES process, considering its pre-treatment MDC-RO performance and the operational parameters, by employing its simulation environment IPSEpro applied to Desalination Processes. SimTech will also deploy the MIDES overall process model in a web-based platform that will assist the development of the control & monitoring system to be employed in the pilot plants. The MIDES overall process web-based model will also be available for both project partners and end-users to assist the pilot plant operation phase.


Key personnel:

Erhard Perz, Ph.D., Dipl. Eng. (left) and Fatima Dargam, Ph.D., M.Sc., Eng., B.A.

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