Aqualia: solutions that add value.

Aqualia is the third largest water management company in Europe, and is a key element of the FCC group, a worldwide provider of infrastructure and citizen services.

The company offers solutions to the environmental needs of public institutions and private agencies, covering the entire integral water cycle, and integrating municipal, agricultural and industrial activities.

The organization is present in more than 1,100 municipalities in 22 countries and serves a population of over 23.5 million people worldwide: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Algeria, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Kosovo, Tunisia, Qatar and India. Last year, the company had a turnover of 1.033 million euros.

Aqualia has consolidated its leading position in the domestic market, which is also embodied in foreign markets with a clear strategy to secure an ambitious but prudent internationalization.

Customer oriented service

Aqualia’s organizational structure is oriented to the constant search for improved efficiency in production processes and the optimization of resources, using the latest technology and with a clear focus on the customer.

Aqualia provides services 365 days a year responding to all customer needs. For maximum user satisfaction, the company has the most advanced resources to carry out their activity.

Aqualia has placed itself in a short time as a leading brand in the industry, positioned as cutting edge, specialized and cohesive, thanks to a highly specialized and committed team.

Leading, innovative, committed

Although water is apparently a natural product, it will only be ready for consumption if it is in constant surveillance by specialized professionals which are involved throughout the process of the water management cycle.

The water management cycle ranges from collecting surface water or groundwater,  purification and processing in treatment stations depending on the different uses to which it is intended, to distribution and collection of wastewater for further treatment and return to the source from which it was obtained under optimal conditions, which may not harm the environment. In short, the process ranges from the supply of drinking water to the treatment of waste waters.

The collection of water carried out by the company and its adaptation for human consumption includes strict quality control, distribution and after-treatment, to return it to nature in quantity and quality, carrying out an efficient and sustainable usage of the resources and materials used in the process.

In addition to managing public services -Aqualia’s main activitythe company has opted for diversification, becoming the only company in Spain, and one of the few in the world capable of providing any services linked to the different uses of water.

At present, Aqualia is the leader in the Spanish market with a penetration of 34% in the market for outsourced water management, providing solutions all over the country and serving more than 850 municipalities and 13 million inhabitants.

Aqualia, provides global solutions and operational capacity to design, develop and manage water treatment plants anywhere in the world, whether they are water treatment, recycling, waste water treatment, industrial or brackish water facilities.

The company offers tailored solutions according to the requirements and needs of each client, either for the use of water in industry, process water, wastewater, reuse or operation and maintenance services.

Aqualia is a benchmark in the sector for its expertise in project management, technology development and excellent quality of service, serving at an international level by offering innovative solutions thanks to its strong commitment to R&D.

Frank Rogalla
Director of Innovation and Technology Department

Victor Monsalvo
Projects Director. Innovation and Technology Department

Beatriz del Castillo
European Projects Manager. Innovation and Technology Department