Work Package 1: Electrodes Development

D1.1 : Definition of the cathode and anode specifications
D1.2 : Study and report on the synthesis, characterization and performance of the new electrodes in the MDC

Work Package 2: Membrane Development

D2.1 : Definition and report on the specifications for IE membrane development
D2.2 : Study on the synthesis, characterization, performance and scale-up of nanostructured IE membranes.

Work Package 3: Microbial Desalination Cell Design &Bioengineering assays

D3.1 : Definition of the MDC mathematical model for the lab scale set-up operation.
D3.2 : Presentation of the work on the design,the construction and the validation of MDC pre-pilot unit.

Work Package 4: MIDES Process integration and pre-pilot validation

D4.1 : Report on ceramic membrane performance for seawater pretreatment for MDC.
D4.2 : Report on MIDES process integration and validation and under real operative conditions

Work Package 5: Process Simulation & Analysis, Automation and Control

D5.1 : Report on Energy Performance for various Desalination Technologies
D5.2 : Simulation/Efficiency/Optimization Analysis
D5.3 : Development of IPSEpro models on process
D5.4 : Report on  MIDES automation and performance

Work Package 6:Pilot plant design and construction

D6.1 : Presentation and explanation of MIDES pilot plant fabrication
D6.2 : Fabrication of MDC units for pilot plants
D6.3 : Construction of MIDES Pilot Plants: Three full developed units at AQUALIA’s facilities in Madrid.

Work Package 7: Pilot plant operation and long-term validation

D7.1 : Report on the analysis of the risk assessment of nano-enabled components developed in MIDES project.
D7.2 : Analysis of the Environmental and Social Impact of the MIDES process.
D7.3 : Validation of the MIDES system at 3 demo sites.

Work Package 8: Dissemination & Exploitation

D8.1 : Implementation of a public/private website
D8.2 : Definition of a Dissemination and Exploitation Plan and Internal Knowledge Output Template.
D8.3 : Promotional and Advertising Materials
D8.4 : Final dissemination and exploitation report for impact of project after its end.
D8.5-8 : Market Analysis, business/exploitation plan. 

Work Package 9: Coordination & Management

D9.1 : Elaboration of a project manual to guide partners during the execution of the technical and administrative work.
D9.2 – 5 : Reports on the progress of the technical work covering years 1-4 of the project implementation.