Work package 8: Dissemination & Exploitation

The aim of Work Package 8 (months: 1-48) is to effectively communicate the MIDES development, testing and demonstration results into European and global desalination market and industry.


• Implement a dissemination and exploitation plan in order to attract the engagement of the public, investors, research sector, SMEs and associations of SMEs.
• Enhance knowledge levels of consortium members, as well as research & industrial communities, with the transfer of MIDES results and applications leading to optimal exploitation of its research outputs.
• Support project partners in developing long-term exploitation strategies – with better cooperation between key sectors.


Task 8.1-3. Launch of project website, dissemination plan, and promotional materials.

Task 8.4-5. IPR management and protection / Exploitation and Business Plan.


D8.1-3. Implementation of project website, dissemination and exploitation plan, promotional materials and knowledge template.
D8.4. Dissemination and exploitation report for impact of project after its end.
D8.5-8. Market Analysis, business/exploitation plan.