Work package 6: Pilot plant design and construction

In Work Package 6 (months: 23-36) scaling-up of the electrodes will take place, as well as the fabrication of  ion exchange membrane,s will be fabricated using an industrial roll-to-roll approach.

  • Up-scaling of electrodes and membranes for MDC for pilot plant construction.
  • Design and construction of MDC at pilot plant scale.
  • Design and construction of three MIDES pilot plants for technology validation.

Task 6.1. Electrodes with nanocoatings will be fabricated at sufficiently large scale to accomodate the construction of the MDC units.

Task 6.2. Fabrication of MDC cells.

Task 6.3. Design of MIDES pilot plant with pretreatments and the design of fluid flow system, as well as the implementation of the automation and control system.

Task 6.4. Three full MIDES pilot plants will be constructed. The first pilot plant will be completed in month 37, and the second and third plants in month 40.


D6.1. Presentation and explanation of MIDES pilot plant fabrication
D6.2. Fabrication of MDC units for pilot plants
D6.3. Construction of MIDES Pilot Plants